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Want to transform your yard?

If you want to enhance the visual charm of your yard, it’s a great idea to install synthetic turf. Not only does it look amazing, yet it also generates a feeling of high standard and class to your garden. Installing synthetic turf on your own is not a very simple job, so don’t stress we are here to assist you with all of that. Our Pharr Synthetic Turf Installation services pros are truly qualified and reputable assisting you transform your lawn with artificial grass!

3 Installation Types


It’s not just enough to say that you own a home. It should feel like a home. Whenever you get back home from a long day of work, the sight that greets you should be one that would make you want to drop everything, pick a lawn chair and just enjoy watching the sun go down. 

It’s not going to be enjoyable when there are loose stones everywhere. You aren’t really going to enjoy it when there’s dust swirling around your yard. You are going to enjoy it best when there is a sea of inviting green all over your yard. The best part of it is, your home is going to look drop-dead gorgeous!

Achieving this is simple. It starts right from your imagination. Next, we as the Artificial Grass Factory Outlet help you pick out the best grass for the look that you want to achieve. Next, we’ll help you style it and tailor it to create an oasis of beauty that will make your home the envy of anyone passing by. 

Here is why you should get Artificial Grass.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best, and one of the largest distributors of artificial grass and related material. Our growth is due to the quality of products and services that we accord to anyone who comes to us for artificial grass installations. But really, it is the benefits of artificial grass that have made it easier for us to reach a wide range of homeowners all over the country. 

The question is though, why should you get artificial grass?

Saving Water.

Artificial grass does not need the nourishment provided by water. This ends up being quite the cost-saving measure for any person who installs artificial grass. 


Taking care of real grass can be quite costly to the pocket, as well as to the environment. The myriad of pesticides and fertilizers required to keep real grass alive and looking great can be quite costly to the environment. With artificial grass, you won’t have any need to put harmful chemicals into the environment.

Maintenance Free.

Something real grass is known for is the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking lush. It can only be able to take on heavy use once or twice a week, needs constant mowing to keep neat as well as the hours spent with other maintenance work. 

Artificial grass is able to withstand high-intensity activities for extended periods, and costs less, if anything at all, in maintenance during the entire time it is in use. 

All-weather capable.

Real grass is known for not growing six months out of the year in certain climates. If put under heavy use during this time, you may end up with a bare patch of land after a few weeks. Artificial grass is capable of being used in any weather and use conditions.


Grass is good. Grass is excellent. But it is quite a problem when you have to think of the maintenance costs as well as the not-eco-friendly practices that you have to implement to keep it green. Even worse, putting it under heavy use will result in extra costs, or missed opportunities just to keep it that way. It is time to make some prudent business decisions.
Artificial grass offers you all-year-round availability. And the best part is, for the scale of your business, the maintenance costs will shrink considerably as you won’t have to part with a lot in terms of water bills. You also won’t need to buy gardening implements to maintain the grass. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about what the sun will do to your grass. Your indoor courtyards and your rooftop patio now have the best option available to them. Your shopping mall or your area dog park can have a covering that will withstand the heavy use it will be subjected to. Best of all, your patrons won’t have to worry about accidentally walking onto an over-watered patch of grass that just messes up their day.



Whether it is your home or your commercial premises, it just doesn’t feel right without having a lush sea of green to complete the look. It could also be that real grass, though you may not have a thing against it, it just currently isn’t working as well as you would wish it to. Well, you know artificial grass is the way to go.
As much as you anticipate how great it will look while it is installed in your space. You are not too keen to have someone else do the work for you. You want to pick up the tools by yourself, lay the bedding, and the artificial grass by yourself. You take pride in the work that you do and this would not be any different.
For whatever reasons you may want to do the work by yourself, we will stand by you. We will be happy to provide you with the artificial grass, as well as any other tool and supplies you may require to help you complete the task you have undertaken. Your smile at the end of installation is what is important to us.


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